Tired of SEO? SEO is everywhere, but have no ideawhat exactly it is?

Well, kudos, you are at the right place, here you will understand the basic knowledge of SEO and the keywords that are importantly worth knowing

What exactly is SEO?
SEO is also popularly known as "SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION" which is basically a marketing technique to drive traffic.

Intended to target niche audience traffic while building awareness about the product / services offered by your organization.

There are many ways and techniques used to achieve SEO. In standard terms, SEO means optimizing the website so that the key words used to search should be seen on "SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGE" (SERP) in displaying our website at topmost preference.

SEO is also defined as the activity carried out by an individual to rank his website at the top of the result page (SERP).

*Snack for knowledge : almost 90-95% Of the individuals click the top result of their search.

Now we know what's the definition of SEO, let's move forward with:

Basic Modes of achieving SEO:

  1. On-page SEO.
  2. Off-page SEO.


      We are optimizing the websiteby improving content and meta-tags to rank higher and gain relevant traffic in search engineson-site.

      There are various parameters to be kept in mind while doing an on-page SEO.

      Few parametersto work around:

      • Security and accessibility of website (HTTPS)
      • Title.
      • Meta description.
      • Header.
      • Content.
      • Keywords.
      • Page load speed.
      • Optimize Images.
      • Sitemap Generator.
      • Use robots.txt

      Let's consider Google as our search engine. Here Google has "crawlers" where they go through the website's each page's title, image, keywords& other linked pages, collects its information,stores it in cache of the central server.

      When an individual searches for any keyword, the data is retrieved from the primary source looked for relevance, and then the site is ranked and displayed in the SERP.

      Now, you have a fair idea of what is On-page SEO, let's move to off-page SEO.


      Off-Page SEO is an activity that is done outside the website to increase the position of the website in SERP. Basically, off-page SEO is powered by "LINK BUILDING."

      So, what exactly is link building?

      It's a process where a website is linked to high domain authority websites or blogs or forms, creating a backlink, which in turn builds a link between websites or blogs.

      How exactly does back-linking work?

      When we have a website, and there is no enough traffic, we optimize the website. Even after optimizing the results are the same then we do LINK BUILDING with various available platforms like:

      • Blogging.
      • Social Bookmarking.
      • Article submission.
      • Reviews.
      • Video promotion.
      • Image Submission.
      • Press Releases.
      • Business Listings.

      With these platforms at our disposal, we can make a significant impact on the audience.

      Imagine you have a website that is a massage parlor, but you have no much traffic even after On-page SEO activity.

      So, what can be done?

      It’s simple you can start blogging by giving titles like "proven benefits of getting the massage done," or even posting on social media about the organization which makes way for backlinking.

      After an individual goes through the blog, he will be given a backlink that is directed to the main website generating traffic!

      When the backlinking is done through reputed websites and blogs, the crawlers when accessing information from the high authority websites or blogs, come across the backlink, makes them think even the linked website is of greater importance and relevance.
      So, these are the basic Modes of achieving SEO.


      BOUNCE BACK RATES : it's also called BCR. When an individual searches for a piece of particular information, he is hit with a search engine result page, where he can select the site of his interest.

      He chooses a place, and there is no such relevant information, and there are a lot of pop-up advertisements and much more.

      The user would not prefer to continue with the site he's viewing in-turn he closes it, resulting in BOUNCE BACK, which affects the ranking of a particular website.

      CLICK THROUGH RATE : AKA CTR, picture a scenario where an individual searches through a particular keyword and gets results, but he always clicks the 6th website in the SERP, then another person does the same.

      So, here the Google will be hinted that there is a lot more serious content in the 6th site of that particular keyword. Gradually the 6th website starts getting higher rank and moves forward.